Naumov, Panče

Naumov, Panče

Smart Organic Crystals: Sensing, Adaptation, and Self-Healing
New York University Abu Dhabi

Prof. Panče Naumov is a tenured professor at the Division of Science and Mathematics, New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), with a cross-appointment at New York University in NYC and leader of the Smart Materials Lab (SML) at NYUAD. Since 2018 he has also been affiliated with Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute. The Naumov Smart Materials Lab is the leading research team in chemistry and materials science in the UAE with an output, according to Nature Index, that accounts for about 40-60% of the high-impact publications in chemistry in the country each year.

Dr Naumov holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and materials science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (2004) and a BSc from Ss Cyril & Methodius University in Macedonia. Prior to his appointment at NYU Abu Dhabi, he was a faculty at Osaka University and Kyoto University in Japan and a fellow at the Japanese National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS).

His research portfolio includes over 260 publications that have been cited more than 8,000 times. His publications include a number of articles in leading chemistry journals such as Nature Chemistry, Nature Reviews Chemistry, Nature Communications, Chemical Reviews, Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Angewandte Chemie, among other journals, and many have been highlighted on the journal covers.

During his positions in Japan and the UAE, he raised over $12 M of intramural and extramural funding. At conferences or other scientific meetings, he has presented over 400 times and has also given about 90 invited talks at various institutions. Since 2012, he has supervised over 60 students, including undergraduate projects, capstone projects, and PhD theses. He is an active reviewer of over 60 international journals and over ten national and international funding agencies, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), US; European Research Council (ERC), EU; The Petroleum Fund, American Chemical Society (PRF/ACS), US; Russian Scientific Fund (RSF), Russian Federation; National Research Foundation (NRF), South Africa, The International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden, and others.

Dr. Naumov is a Fellow of the American Chemical Society and the founder of the UAE Chapter of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society. He is also a founder and President of the Emirates Crystallographic Society (ECS), a councilor of the European Crystallographic Association (ECA), and a consultant for the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). For his accomplishments, he has been awarded a graduate fellowship from the Japanese Ministry of Education and Science ('00), Human Frontier Science Project (HFSP) award ('11), Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Association Prize ('14), Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation ('15), Radcliffe fellowship at Harvard University ('18), The Hans and Marlies Zimmer International Scholar Program Award ('20), and a 'golden visa' by the UAE Government for outstanding contributions to the country ('20).

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