Lukin, Alexander

Lukin, Alexander

Principal Research Scientist & Executive Director
Tuning the Spatially Controlled Growth, Structural Self-Organizing and Cluster-Assembling of the Two-Dimensionally Ordered Linear-Chain Carbon Nano-Matrix During Ion-Assisted Pulse-Plasma Deposition
Western-Caucasus Research Center

Dr Alexander Lukin is a Principal Research Scientist & Executive Director at the Western-Caucasus Research Center (Tuapse, Russia), Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia), Expert of Federal Register of Experts of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the area of Space and Transport Systems (Moscow, Russia), Honorary Fellow and Chair of the Research Sub-committee of the Academic Council of the Australian Institute of High Energetic Materials (Sippy Downs, Australia).

Dr. Lukin's areas of research interest are in theoretical modeling and numerical simulation of combustion processes of the energetic materials; advanced propulsion materials; solid propulsion systems; ignition and combustion of propellants for space and rocket propulsion; unstable and abnormal combustion of the energetic materials; microscale combustion mechanisms; combustion instability; smart solid micro-propulsion systems; solid divert and attitude control systems; throttle control of solid propulsion systems; nanotechnologies; functional nanomaterials; carbon-based nano-materials; selforganizing of the micro/nano-scale structures; micro-cymatics.

Dr. Lukin got a M.S. degree (Rocket Propulsion Engineer) from Izhevsk State Technical University with the Diploma of Excellence (1985) and Ph.D. degree (Phys. & Math.) from the Physics-Technical Institute of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1993, Izhevsk, Russian Federation). His Ph.D. thesis was on the subject of mathematical modeling of the intra-ballistic processes in the solid propellant rocket motor pyrotechnic ignition systems.

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